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Partnering for RDOF Success

FiberRise formed the consortium to help electric cooperatives overcome the FCC’s many programmatic and regulatory hurdles and address a growing fiber resource shortage. Membership is limited to electric utilities.

By joining, electric cooperatives gain exclusive access to the best RDOF team in the country, which includes Quadra Partners, FiberRise and a host of the nation’s most experienced strategic resources. Member benefits include (but are not limited to):

  • Turnkey, cost-effective access to all needed experts
  • A streamlined, low-cost path to enter the FCC auction process
  • Synergies in data analysis, mapping, cost modeling and network design
  • Access to joint bidding strategies for succeeding locally in both inter- and intra-geographic auction competition
Quadra Partners

Located in Washington, DC and New York, NY, Quadra Partners is comprised of former senior FCC executives including former Chairman Tom Wheeler’s chief of staff, a former FCC chief operating officer, and several former chiefs of the wireless bureau—the very team responsible for developing the rules and processes that will be used during this year’s RDOF auction.

Quadra’s extensive expertise is available exclusively for consortium members.


Resources to assist electric cooperatives in feasibility and business modeling, as well as application expertise, are finite. Time is short and cooperatives may find themselves without assistance.

The FCC bars communication between RDOF auction participants. is the exception to this rule—consortium members are allowed to share our experts as a group while still submitting individual cooperative bids.


Stage 1

Stage one of the consortium helps cooperatives determine if RDOF is right for them and includes:

  • Initial strategic meeting / discussion
  • Feasibility study (includes a complete and comprehensive business plan)
  • Map(s) of eligible areas
  • white papers, FCC actions and rulings, key auction details and insights into RDOF strategies
  • Monthly RDOF webinars
Secondary Consortium

Stage 2

Stage two establishes an exclusive partnership with the most qualified consortium in America that delivers:

  • Full RDOF strategy development for members, complete with individually-tailored and competitive auction strategies, including a “bailout” number based on each member’s unique business case
  • Protection against industry shortages in materials, resources and expertise
  • FiberRise partnership for the duration of their project

Turnkey Solution Providers

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